Mandy H., delighted mother in Ft. Worth

This woman.  This incredible woman!  Words can not describe the integral part she played during my pregnancy, birth and postpartum care.  I literally couldn't have done it without  her!  Her knowledge and passion for birth make you confident in your decision to use midwifery and bold in your own abilities as a woman.  She is precise, while gentle.  Serious, while relaxed.  Smart and sharp, while staying kind and caring.  We can't wait to go through the next journey with her again!  She is an incredible doula and midwife!!

Kristen W., delighted mother in Ft. Worth

I cannot begin to describe the value of Susan's friendship, expertise, and unwavering support.  From my problems conceiving and my uneventful pregnancy, through my VBAC turned unexpected last minute elective Cesarean, she was full of advice, compassion and evidence based knowledge about birth.  When I had to transfer care because of my need for a surgical birth, her continuity of care never faltered.  She went above and beyond, and was there for my Cesarean to laugh with me, comfort me, and share in the joy of my new arrival.  Even in the Midwife model of care it is difficult to find someone who truly listens.  I believe her years of experience as a doula makes her extra lovey toward her mamas and babies.  I can wholeheartedly recommend her.  She is not only an excellent midwife but has been a great friend.

Michelle B., delighted mother in Arlington

Susan helped deliver my 1st born (she was a student midwife at my delivery) and was there for me the whole time even through the trauma!  She is so compassionate and stepped up when I needed her!  I didn't know how much of an important role she would play in my delivery and thank God she was there!! I can't recommend her enough!!


Erin M., delighted mother in Granbury

Susan is seriously amazing!!  I felt drawn to her from day 1.  I asked my midwife if I could please please have Susan as the assisting midwife.  She made me feel comfortable and secure.  She helped me rock my HBAC successfully.  I was in constant contact too after birth about a wide range of questions.  From naturally baby pain reliever to breastfeeding, she was always so quick to respond to any questions I had.  I wouldn't take back using her for anything.  Loved my birth team!!!!