Susan's love for pregnancy, birth, and babies came with her first natural birth, 15 years ago, when she became a mother. Her second birth, with a midwife at a birth center, first lit the fire for helping pregnant women. After the birth of her daughter 8 years ago, she began pursuing her doula training. Her third birth ended in a hospital transport and unplanned cesarean, that caused her much pain and disappointment. Two years later her fourth baby was born at home, via a water VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean). It was the combination of her last two births that fueled her passion for serving pregnant women in a way that was hard to ignore. Her VBAC brought her the peace she searched for since her cesarean and a whole new perspective on maternity care. In January of 2013 she began her midwifery training. It is Susan's deepest passion to support and educate women during their pregnancy and birth.

Susan's other greatest passion is her family. She is married to her favorite friend, Chris, and a mother to four children; three boys and one girl. She feels blessed to have birthed her children in a way that opened her heart to midwifery. She loves serving women in her community through midwifery, advocacy, and her doula work. 

Her HBAC also opened her heart to surrogacy and lead her to help grow other families. In 2015 she had her second VBAC with a baby boy as a gestational carrier.  In 2017, she celebrated another HBAC - a 3VBAC - as she welcomed a baby boy at home as a gestational carrier for another family.  

Susan strongly believes that birth is something to be experienced. An intimate dance between mother and baby. And if you allow it, birth can change your life.